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a low cost website design solution

Budget Websites for Business

Our # 5 low cost website design solution

Help us to keep our costs to you down.

By taking sufficient time to prepare your content and the selection of photos you will avoid the cost of additional drafts and minor and major amendments.
The Process

Send us an email setting out the information you need included in your website.

We will confirm the receipt of your email by return email and verify the price. In the email we will also include,
the amount of deposit required and our bank details for electronic transfer.

On receipt of the deposit we will begin work on your website.

The final payment is due on the completion of the website and prior to publication.

A 30% deposit is required on all website solutions prior to the start of work.
$800       Solution 5:   Learn how to design and maintain your own basic website!

   - 1 to1 training to suit your specific business needs

- up to 2 x 3 hour training sessions during business hours

                                             - using a very "user friendly" and affordable software program

                                             - have your three page website functional at the end of the second session

                                             - 2 hours phone support via Skype in the first year to develop your website

                                             - visual and step be step support using Skype's screen sharing function.

                                             We provide training and support to interstate and international clients.
Interstate and International clients

We provide training and support to our Interstate and English speaking  international clients using Skype Video and Screen Sharing. It's very easy and we will help you set up Skype if you are unsure how to do it.
What you'll learn:

The DIY website design solution is perfect for anyone who knows a little bit about computer programs especially those such as Powerpoint or even Microsoft's Outlook for email.

By concentrating on the basic functions required by most small business and using one of the most user friendly software programs you'll ever find (purchased for $80:00 aud) we can teach you to:

-  Set up your website project

-  Design your page

-  Add a page

-  Add a navigation bar

-  Add photos

-  Add text

-  Add hyperlinks

-  Publish your website
Once you've learnt these basis skills you  will be able to edit and modify you website as your business needs change.

You'll also be able to add additional pages to your website providing your clients with more information about your goods or services.

You'll be able to close the gap on your competitors by keeping you site up to date and fresh.

We are always available during business hours to help you should you need assistance.

We offer our service on a one to one, group or Skype to Skype basis.  Please don't hesitate to call if you need more information.
Benefits of DIY Website Design
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