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Designing a high SEO ranking, where the website appears in the first few pages of a search result is expensive and time consuming.  Achieving a high ranking website begins with in depth research of the market competition, identification of key words, existing and available domain names, backend coding, content and website structure.

Once a website has been designed it may take several months for it to progress through the search engine rankings. The website will require ongoing maintenance such as the regular addition of new and quality information and repeated submission to the various search engines.

While our Budget Websites for businesses and community organisations are not optimised they are designed to be Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly and provide a basis to improve your website ranking at a later date if needed. 
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Designed and maintained by Budget Websites for Business, this website www.brisbanecelebrant.net appears on the first page of Google Search Results using the key words.
  "Brisbane Celebrant" -  Ranked 3 out of 551,000    

The following key word search resulted in the same website achieving:
-   Male Marriage Celebrant -  
Ranked 5 out of 40,200
-   Male Marriage Celebrant Brisbane -  Ranked 1 out of 3,650
Marriage celebrant brisbane male  -   Ranked 3 out or 6,100
  Wedding Celebrant - Ranked 3g out of 185,000
Marriage Celebrant - Ranked 3d out of 115,000
Funeral Celebrant Male  -  Ranked 2 out of 14,900
Many small businesses are not reliant on the internet for business, but may need a website to provide a better level of service to new and existing customers.

Don't spend $$$ on an optimised website if you don't really need it.

A small business is able to use a website address in a variety of ways in their marketing to attract new customers and to provide information and resources that would be too expensive to produce in brochures and newspapers
Do you really need an optimised website?
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