We've heard your cry for help, in fact we made the same plea when we were trying to get a website for our first business.  We decided to do it ourselves and that's where the idea for Budget Websites for Business came about.  We know there are many businesses that will never need a  highly developed website, yet so many times when a small business asks for assistance they are "over sold" into functions they just don't need for a price generally in the thousands of dollars.

Who are our customers?

Budget Websites for Business caters to those small businesses who
already have a steady customer base, boosted by referrals and local marketing, but need an internet presence to offer improved services and information to new and existing customers.
want to start a business that can generate new customers at a steady and manageable pace, through a low cost  marketing strategy.

Do I really need a Search Engine Optimised website?

You will hear a lot about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why it is critical to having an effective website.  A SEO website is for any business that wants to attract the majority of their customer base through the internet and has the capacity to service and manage the increased growth an optimsed website might generate.  However if you are a small business and couldn't manage a sudden and substantial growth in business, then spending thousands of dollars on SEO may not be the best solution for your business needs.  That's not to say that in the future as your business grows, it may become necessary to have your site optimised.

Can low cost basic website generate results?

Yes they do, but a website must be part of a marketing strategy, not the only strategy.  We will discuss with you a number of options to integrate the website into your strategy and suggest some new options that you may not have previously considered.  We see our role to help you make the most productive use of your website with either no cost or low cost marketing options.

What do you need
Many small businesses are not reliant on the internet for business, but may need a website to provide a better level of service to new and existing customers.

Don't spend $$$ on an optimised website if you don't really need it.

A small business is able to use a website address in a variety of ways in their marketing to attract new customers and to provide information and resources that would be too expensive to produce in brochures, newspapers and directories.

With very minimal cost the content of a webpage can be changed quickly.  This flexibility is great for those business who may want to offer dicsount prices or introduce new products and servicecs
Do you really need an optimised website?
Budget Websites for Business

Help.... I just want a low cost basic website!

A website is now an integral part of a small business.

Michael Dell, who founded the Dell Corporation, was quoted as saying, "Show me a business that's not on the Internet, and I'll show you a business that's out of touch with the future."

Yellow Pages and other directories just aren't able to reach your prospective customers or provide them with any depth of relevant information

When you consider the information you can provide to your potential clients or customers via a company website versus what you get from Yellow Pages there is simply no contest.

However, when you add a website address to your Yellow Page listing you will have a powerful marketing tool.

Why you need a website

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